Managing Company Parma-Management

Managing Company Parma-Management LLC is a strategic partner of Perm Financial and Industrial Group. 

The Company has worked in the collective investments’ market from 1998. The object of the company is to create an investment tool that would provide high profitability and satisfy all the investors’ requirements. Parma-Management manages several unit investment funds.

The service of individual trust management applies to the amounts of investments above RUB 2 million. In this case the management strategy will depend on the customer’s goals and needs. The transfer of funds to the trust management is  the correct decision for  the investors who wish to boost their capital without getting distracted from the current operations to effect transactions in the stock market.

The activity of the company is licensed and controlled by the state.


Address:  15 Monastyrskaya st., Perm, Russia 614000
Telephone:  +7 (342) 210-30-05
General Director:  Mikhail Pavlovich Chechulin