Demidkovo Project LLC deals with the implementation of a large construction investment project as a part of the global project by Perm Financial and Industrial Group on the revival of the Demidkovo village, which existed in the Dobryanka region in the beginning of the 20th century and was flooded as a result of construction of the Kamskoye water storage basin in the 1950s.

The General Plan includes the construction in the territory of Demidkovo village of over 100 thousand sq. m of residential premises, and the facilities of social and engineering infrastructure.

The total building area is about 241 ha. The project implementation began in 2005. Since then, an ordinance was passed by Permsky Krai administration about the revival of this locality and two laws about the location of the village. The project of the village construction is intended for 7-10 years.

The first stage of construction of Demidkovo Village contemplates the construction of a housing complex comprising 23 premium log houses on the land plot of 10.47 ha.

A limited number of cottages located on the land plots with the area from 20 to 80 ares, the choice of HONKA concern, the Finnish houses manufacturer and the world leader of log houses construction, the idea of a country club providing privileged format of everyday life, leisure and entertainment, a secluded VIP beach, marina – all of the above factors make this housing complex in Demidkovo village one of a kind and allow classifying it as “premium” or “de-luxe” segment.

The world’s largest log houses producer – the international concern HONKA – was engaged for the construction of Demidkovo village.

The concept of the following construction phases of Demidkovo village will be different from the premium segment both by class and construction technology. The project contemplates the construction of houses and infrastructural facilities (a school combined with a sports centre, shopping centres) with the total area of 3,560 sq. m. It is also planned to build a mountain-skiing complex (comprising also a hotel and an entertainment centre) with the total area of 38,870 sq. m.


Telephone:  +7 (342) 257-00-11
General Director:  Andrei Nikolaievich Poluianov