Krasava Agroindustrial Complex

Limited Liability Company Krasava Agroindustrial Complex is one of the leading agricultural enterprises and tax-payers of the Perm Municipal District.

From 2014, each year the Company is included into the register of receivers of the state support for the agricultural enterprises of Permsky Krai, provided by the federal and territorial budgets to the dairy agricultural enterprises, which produce raw milk, effectively use agricultural land and upgrade their livestock breeding complex.

The current operations of APK Krasava LLC comprise the production of raw milk, breeding of cattle for dairy purposes and fodder growing and conservation (cereals, annual and perennial grasses for green crops, haylage, and silage).

APK Krasava employs 205 people, primarily represented by cattle breeding specialists (zootechnicians, veterinaries, inseminators, milkers, calf herds, crop farming specialists, mechanics, machine operators, pumping station operators.

The total cattle livestock amounts to 1,500 heads, including 560 heads of milking herd black and white Holstein breed. The daily output of raw milk amounts to 10.5 tons. The produced raw milk refers to the premium and first class and is safe for consumption.

At the moment the raw milk produced by the Company is supplied to the Perm cold storage facility Sozvezdiye (Constellation) of MILCOM JSC and is used for the production of various products under the brand Selo Zelyonoye (Green Village).


Telephone:  +7(342)2145-150
General Director:  Nikolai Mikhailovich Kaseev