Demidkovo Resort

Demidkovo is the largest resort centre of Permsky Krai. The resort is located 40 km from Perm, in a pine forest on the bank of the Kama water-storage basin. Sand beaches, clean air and the Kama-river give strength and health.

The modern healthcare complex Demidkovo offer different programs: health resort treatment and rehabilitation, family recreation, spa-services, outside activities and corporate events.

Demidkovo allows to house up to 400 guests at the same time and comprises three buildings, several comfortable cottages and exclusive eco-homes.

The health resort offers a unique combination of natural treatment factors:

  • own mineral water,

  • therapeutic muds of the Suksun pond,

  • highly effective muds of the Sakskoye lake,

  • salubrinous microcimate of the pine forest.

Medical programs based on the therapeutic factors using the latest medical equipment were developed to allow for the treatment of digestive organs, locomotor and endocrine system, metabolic function, respiratory organs, nervous system and other diseases.

Demidkovo is a true natural wonder, a place where the body may rest as well as the soul. It’s a happy place!


Address:  1/9 Kurortnaya St., Demidkovo Village, Dobryanka, Permsky Krai
Telephone:  +7 (342) 270-12-72
General Director:  Kirill Tolstoy