Unicorn LLC

The company UNICORN was founded in 2015 and is engaged in the development of hardware and software solutions as a part of the concept “smart home – smart building – smart quarter”. The company appeared on the junction of three competencies – buildings’ automation, artificial intelligence and the development of unique electronic equipment, and today it is an R&D laboratory for the Internet of Things, developer and operator of the Software for smart buildings and residential complexes’ ecosystems.

Unicorn is a resident of Skolkovo.


Address:  111 Shosse Kosmonavtov, Perm, Russia 614990
Telephone:  +7 800 775 05 19
Website:  https://mysmartflat.ru/
E-mail:  nfo@mysmartflat.ru
General Director:  Svetlana Sergeevna Perminova